Our Story

At Chef En-Suite, the private dining arm of En-Suite Hospitality we believe that dining is not just about food; it’s an experience that should tantalize your senses, ignite conversations, and create cherished memories. Our journey began with a vision to redefine hospitality, elevating it to an art form.

Our team of culinary maestros, experience coordinators and attentive hosts share a common goal: to turn your private dining event into an unforgettable affair. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, from the selection of the finest ingredients to the meticulous presentation of each dish to selection of wines for the evening. Our chefs are artists in the kitchen, crafting dishes that are not only visually stunning but also an explosion of flavors that dance on your palate.

But it’s not just about the food; it’s also about the ambiance. Our exclusive private dining events can transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a grand celebration, we have the perfect setting to suit your needs.

So, whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, hosting a corporate gathering, or simply indulging in a romantic evening, allow us to curate a private dining experience that will leave you and your guests in awe. Let us be a part of your story, as we create moments that you’ll cherish forever.